Why Get Your Oil Changed at the Dealership?

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When you buy a new or used Chevrolet from Eskridge Chevrolet, it’s important to have regular maintenance and servicing carried out to keep your vehicle running like new. One of the most crucial service procedures is having the engine oil and filter changed at the correct intervals, and it’s always best to get your Chevy’s oil changed at a Chevrolet dealership.

An oil change is a pretty straightforward job and there are plenty of independent shops out there offering quick and cheap oil and lube services. So why get your oil changed at the dealership? Here, we’ll look at why Chevy drivers from Guthrie, Edmond, Cimarron City and beyond should only trust Eskridge Chevrolet for their oil change.

Why Not Use an Independent Shop for an Oil Change?

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There’s a misconception that services at a dealership are expensive, and Logan County drivers can easily take their car to an independent shop for a cheap oil change. But cutting corners and trying to save a couple of bucks can end up costing you more in the longer term. You might think that anyone with the right tools and knowledge can carry out the relatively simple process of changing your car’s oil, but there’s more to it than that.

Every vehicle is slightly different, and the mechanics in an independent shop may not be specialists in any of them. They have to work on any car that comes through the door and there’s always the potential to make mistakes. Because an oil change is considered an easy job, an inexperienced mechanic could be given the task. 

If they don’t know your specific make and model of car, they could use the wrong oil grade, fail to tighten your filter correctly, or even forget to put new oil in. Without the experience and proper model-specific training, the mechanic could make any number of costly mistakes.

As a way of cutting costs, an independent service station will often use cheaper parts, such as oil filters. The oil filter helps keep your engine lubricated with clean oil, which is essential for its optimum performance. Cheaper filters tend to break down more quickly and can allow debris to get into your engine. That can lead to engine problems which will be expensive to put right.

Benefits of a Dealership Oil Change

The main reason to have your Chevy’s engine oil changed at a dealership is that nobody knows your Chevrolet as well as our factory certified Chevrolet technicians. At Eskridge Chevrolet, our service technicians are specifically trained to give them extensive knowledge of every Chevy vehicle. As new Chevrolet models are released, their training is ongoing, so they’re always up to date with the latest developments.

Because they understand your car inside and out, a Chevrolet technician knows exactly what to look for and where everything is. This means they can work on your Chevy more quickly and efficiently. They also know the best parts for your Chevy. At our Eskridge Chevrolet service center, we only use original equipment manufacturer parts and Chevrolet-recommended products, so you can be sure your Chevy is in the best hands.

Using the correct grade of oil is crucial for your Chevy’s engine maintenance. From conventional oil to fully synthetic, the Chevrolet certified technicians at Eskridge Chevrolet offer a range of recommended oil types, to suit your specific Chevrolet model. They include ACDelco Conventional Oil, ACDelco dexos1 Full Synthetic, and Mobil 1 Full Synthetic.

If you need to make a warranty claim, the dealership service record will show that your Chevy has been serviced at the proper intervals and using the recommended parts and products. If you’ve used an independent shop for your car’s oil changes, the onus is on you to provide the receipts and records to show your car has been correctly serviced.

Oil Change Intervals

In the past, auto manufacturers recommended having the engine oil changed every 3,000 miles. However, with the advances in engine technology, newer Chevrolet vehicles can travel much farther between oil changes. The actual interval will depend on your driving style and the type of driving you mostly do.

Driving conditions that affect the oil’s lifespan are graded as light, moderate, or extreme. Light conditions are when you generally drive on flat terrain in moderate temperatures, with no heavy loads, towing, or extended engine idling. Your oil could last from 7,500 to 10,000 miles under these conditions. 

Extreme driving involves frequent off-road or mountainous driving, towing and carrying heavy loads, extended periods of engine idling, and driving in extremely hot or cold conditions. In this case, your oil should be changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Moderate conditions are typically a combination of light and extreme driving.

Most Chevrolet vehicles are now equipped with the engine Oil Life System. This software-based system continuously monitors your Chevy’s speed, engine temperature, and various operating conditions. These factors all help to let you know when it’s time to have the oil changed. The oil life system shows on your Chevy’s driver information display. It starts at 100% oil life and gradually falls as you drive. At around 15%, you’ll get a notification to “Change Engine Oil Soon.” This gives you plenty of time to plan ahead and schedule an oil change at Eskridge Chevrolet. 

Dealership Loyalty

At a dealership, such as Eskridge Chevrolet, our commitment to our customers doesn’t end when you drive off the lot in a new- or pre-owned Chevy. We value our community, and we aim to build a long-term relationship with you and your car. We appreciate you entrusting all your routine servicing needs to us, including oil changes, so we reward you with special offers to save you money.

Visit our Oil Change Specials page to find the current deals. When it’s time for other service items, you can find special offers and rebates on brakes, tires, batteries, air filters, wipers, and more. You can also earn My Chevrolet Rewards points for every dollar you spend on parts and service at Eskridge Chevrolet. We even offer a free seasonal check-up. 

For top-quality service, and your peace of mind, always schedule your Chevy’s oil changes at Eskridge Chevrolet. Visit our conveniently located service center at 5307 South Division, Guthrie, OK, or contact us by phone or via the website. Whether you need an oil change or a full service, our friendly and efficient service team are ready to take the best care of your Chevy today.

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