Most Reliable Chevy Models

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In 1911, Louis Chevrolet and William Durant founded the Chevrolet Motor Company in Detroit, Michigan. They wanted to create a car company delivering affordable vehicles for all purposes. Chevrolet has gone on to manufacture some of the market’s most popular cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Under the iconic bow-tie emblem, you’ll recognize the race-inspired performance and style of the Corvette with a glance. Likewise, the rugged, do-it-all workhorse Silverado makes its presence known from the job site to backwoods and even on the boulevard. Of course, you’ll also see a lineup of SUVs to suit any budget or lifestyle. From the compact, agile Trax to the full-sized, luxuriously appointed Suburban and half a dozen more between.

We wanted to determine which Chevy models scored well in the reliability department. So we asked our vehicle experts to put together a list of the most reliable vehicles from Chevrolet.

Highest-Rated Large Chevrolet SUVs

According to J.D. Power, the Chevrolet Tahoe ranked number one in the Large SUV category for 2023. The Tahoe scored 84/100 based on hundreds of thousands of independent reviews from verified owners. The reviews feature four categories: Quality and Reliability, Driving Experience, Resale Value, and Dealership Experience.

The results say the Tahoe has fewer problems, performs better, depreciates slower, and owners enjoy interacting with the dealerships more than any other large SUV manufactured today. In addition, actual Tahoe owners find the vehicle easy to maneuver in and out of traffic and in tight quarters. They also confirm that the Tahoe has a better economy than other large SUVs and consider the voice recognition capability intuitive without glitches.

Chevrolet’s Suburban holds third place in the Large SUV category. The customer reviews highlight the Suburban’s above-average economy and range. Drivers also state that the Suburban’s ability to carry cargo and passengers ranks much higher than other full-size SUVs. In addition, owners agree that getting into and out of the third-row seats is much easier than the competition.

Highest-Rated Midsize Chevrolet SUVs

The Chevrolet Blazer came in second in J.D. Power’s annual ratings for midsize SUVs. Chevy re-introduced the Blazer in 2019 with universal aplomb. The new Blazer incorporates modern style, rugged capability, premium comfort, and the latest technology. As a result, drivers love the Blazer, as evidenced by an impressive 89/100 score. Most Blazer owners rave about the in-vehicle tech, comfort, and power.

J.D. Power has an Upper Midsize SUV category as well. The Chevrolet Traverse tied for first place in this segment with an 84/100 score. Traverse’s most popular attributes include its simple-to-operate navigation system, easy entry and egress, and exceptional economy.

Highest-Rated Compact Chevrolet SUVs

The compact SUV segment remains one of the most contested categories in the industry. Nearly every manufacturer has at least one vehicle in this famous market. J.D. Power ranked the Chevrolet Equinox number two with a score of 85 points. In addition to a comfortable cabin with thoughtful appointments and useful storage, the Equinox scored higher than its peers in the economy and in-vehicle tech.

Within the Compact SUV category sits a Small SUV segment. J.D. Power ranked the ChevroletTrailblazer number two on its Small SUV list with 85/100. Like the Equinox, Trailblazer drivers love the in-vehicle tech, comfortable interior, convenient storage, and ease of entering and exiting the vehicle.

Highest-Rated Full-Size Chevrolet Pickup Trucks

J.D. Power separates this category into two parts, a Large Heavy Duty Pickup and a Large Light Duty Pickup. The Silverado HD scored the highest in the Large Heavy Duty Pickup segment with 84/100. Most Silverado HD owners agree that the truck works and plays harder than other pickups in its segment. Plus, you can access many premium features not usually associated with workhorse trucks. For example, Chevy offers upgraded leather interiors, cutting-edge technology, and impressive towing systems to make every job a breeze.

The ChevroletSilverado 1500 tops the list of Large Light Duty Pickups in J.D. Power’s annual review, scoring 85/100. Silverado owners love everything, from the capability to technology and even how pleasant the doors sound when they close.

Highest-Rated Midsize Chevrolet Pickup Trucks

It shouldn’t surprise you to find the Chevrolet Colorado leading this category. A score of 83/100 puts it ahead of the competition in this booming category offering full-size capability in a smaller package. The Colorado pickup offers crew cab configurations that’ll fit five full-grown adults without sacrificing leg, hip, and headroom. The Colorado’s four-wheel-drive capability, powertrain options, and unique style separate it from the pack.

Highest-Rated Chevrolet Sporty Cars

J.D. Power has three categories within the Sporty Car rankings. The Premium Sporty Car category includes the top race-inspired sports cars in the industry. Leading the class is the Chevrolet Corvette, a Chevy staple since it debuted in 1953. The Corvette’s comfortable ride quality, handling performance, and quiet cabin helped it score 87/100 in this hard-fought market.

In the Midsize Sporty Car category, the Chevy Camaro scored 85/100, enough to take first place. Customers cite the ability to configure the Camaro with various options and packages as one of its best attributes. Drivers also love its spirited driving dynamics and its muscle car style.

Highest-Rated Chevrolet Midsize Cars

Chevrolet stands out in another crowded segment. Scoring 82/100, the Chevrolet Malibu grabbed the number one spot in J.D. Power’s Midsize Car category. Malibu owners say the spacious and comfortable cabin has above-average technology. They also laud the Malibu powertrain’s ability to deliver exceptional ride quality.

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Chevrolet landed eight first place rankings, three seconds, and a third-place vehicle. Clearly, it’s well ahead of the competition in nearly every category. So if you’re looking for a reliable new car, truck, or SUV, Chevrolet has a vehicle for every purse and purpose.

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